Botanic purity

Mystic Forest

Lenzing Modal® is extracted from beech wood. The beech tree has a long history and is quite unique. Taken directly from beech forests, Lenzing Modal® gives textiles a fresh and natural image. Now Lenzing Modal® is even purer and more natural. Thanks to a new production technology, it is now even more eco-friendly.

As pure as the edelweiss

Lenzing Modal® wird noch botanischer mit der Edelweiss-Technologie.

Thanks to this new technology, Lenzing Modal® is now as pure as the edelweiss flower and even better than before. The gentle edelweiss-technology production process helps both the environment and the fiber itself. In the past, Lenzing Modal® provided an eco-friendly alternative to cotton due to its unique integrated production methods. Full integration at Lenzing’s facility in Austria - everything from one source, from the production of the pulp through to the fiber - means that Lenzing Modal® is carbon neutral. With edelweiss-technology, Lenzing is again setting the standard for environmentally compatible technology.

With the edelweiss-technology, Lenzing Modal® becomes even more botanic.

Edelweiss - Innovation for the environment

The edelweiss flower from Austria is a symbol of purity.

Lenzing’s edelweiss-technology is raising the bar when it comes to the eco-friendly production of Lenzing Modal®. The production process and the fiber itself are purer than ever before. Lenzing Modal®, which is already carbon neutral, is now becoming even more eco-friendly.

Softness from Nature herself

Botanically white in a completely natural way.
Botanically white in a completely natural way.

Lenzing Modal®, produced using the new edelweiss-technology, is always incredibly soft and skin-friendly. Feel good, eco-friendly textiles can now be designed without the use of chemical softeners. Lenzing Modal® edelweiss is soft the way Nature intended.

A natural partner

Lenzing Modal® and cotton are meant to be together. Both fibers have the same dyeing behavior and tone-on-tone dyeing is possible. A Lenzing Modal®- cotton blend is characterized by its high sheen, its intense colors, and its softness. Blending the Lenzing Modal® edelweiss fiber with ecological cotton helps to protect the environment across the board.

A love of the environment

Ecological advantages thanks to the raw material wood.
Ecological advantages thanks to the raw material wood.

When it is being produced, Lenzing Modal® has only a slight impact on the environment compared to the impact of conventional cotton production. Soil and water pollution are up to one hundred times more pronounced in the cultivation of cotton than with the production of Lenzing Modal®. The fiber yield of Lenzing Modal® is up to six times higher than that of cotton. Even the water consumed by Lenzing Modal® is 10-20 times lower than with cotton.

Trust at its purest

Lenzing Modal® brand is a worldwide trademark of Lenzing.
Lenzing Modal® brand is a worldwide trademark of Lenzing.

The Lenzing Modal® brand is worth it. It keeps its promises: softness, quality, naturalness and environmental friendliness. Consumers can be sure that they have a product of exceptional value in their hands. Lenzing Modal® is produced in Austria with the greatest care and with the highest possible respect for the environment. Lenzing Modal® a brand you can trust.